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So I have been seeing tons of people talking about and using mechanical keyboards and it seems like they are only getting more and more popular. But since I always like to test things out for myself without spending a ton of money I decided to pick one up for myself. I found a Blue Finger (Never heard of this brand by the way) 87 key mechanical keyboard with Blue switch equivalents for $34.99 on Amazon. I will put a link at the end of the post.

First impressions:

So it comes in a black box with a bunch of Chinese writing on it with an outline of a keyboard. Upon opening the box you will find a large mouse pad with the Blue Finger logo on it. The material doesn't feel too bad and it is always nice to get something for free. Going further into the box you will find the keyboard itself and a wrist rest. Being an 87 key it does not have a num pad therefore it has a very small foot print on your desk which is great if you have very limited desk space like I do. Now although not removable it does have a braided cable which was a nice touch, it would have been slightly nicer if they had gone with a black instead of gray but it is still pretty subtle.

Don't let the picture on Amazon fool you. This is not an RGB keyboard, the colors are pre defined and you cannot change them but you do have several modes you can choose from. I did a quick recording so you can see Blue switches are quite a bit louder than I expected but honestly the typing and gaming experience is great. I am actually typing this article right now and the change in pressure to make the keys work is very noticeable and keeps hand fatigue down quite a bit. Games are very responsive I have been playing a ton of Titanfall 2 with this keyboard and it has improved my movement ability quite a bit and those last second key presses come a little quicker than on a membrane keyboard.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking to jump into the mechanical keyboard world on the cheap, BUT if you can try out several different switches first I recommend that. The blue switches have a really nice feel and I like the tactile response but they are just too noisy for typing. So most likely I will be returning this and trying out a couple different switches for a combination between noise and tactile response/ actuation distance. There are much quieter switches like MX Browns, Greens, Blacks, Clear, and Reds. So give them all a go before you make a decision.

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Blue Finer 87 mechanical keyboard

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