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Hey Everyone,

My favorite part of working on this blog and my Youtube channel is the fact that I have an outlet to discuss PC parts, build choices, etc and to give people advice if they need it. I really hope this channel takes off soon and we get a community of readers and active participants who want to learn and help me learn at the same time. Thats really been my experience in the PC Gaming/PC Building community so far and I really hope that continues.

The Home server Plan:
As you guys know from Previous posts I am a huge fan of PLEX media server. So far I have a really basic server but it works perfectly fine for my needs and I plan to continue to evolve and upgrade this as needed. I use this PC primarily for streaming and storing my media files as thats the point of a server and my wife likes to play older games on it like Fallout New Vegas. I currently have all my content creation and video recordings on my main PC. Part of the life of a server is being on 24/7 so I have to trust my parts to remain cool and my hardware to hold up.
As you saw in my post about the plex server update, this PC is currently in an old Acer M16 case which has horrible cooling. There is no intake whatsoever and only 1x 8-mm exhaust fan but its what I had on hand and I made due.

For this PC's upgrade I will be dropping in a new motherboard, adding more RAM, and giving it my desktop PC's case for better cooling.

The desk machine:
For my desktop and do everything PC. I recently bought a Fractal Define Mini C and a EVGA 450B power supply for SILENCE and a more reliable power supply as my old school 300w OEM was starting to act up with my RX 460 over clocked.

Side Project:
Bonus post to come in I bought a CPU cooler from China. No name, No brand, and I have been putting it through the paces. I will be posting the results from a bad case and from a good case, plus how its doing in basic games as this is on my home server, not my gaming pc.

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