Ryzen gaming Controversy..Are they really bad for gaming

Hey Everyone,

**I just want to notate that I am not a reviewer or on any companies radar and did not receive any Ryzen products to actually test myself.**

My opinions are based on my own knowledge and research from around the internet.

So to start off, I hate how this launch is being received, it is absolute garbage. Everyone is coming off saying the Ryzen chips can't compete with a 7700k, they don't have the same IPC as the 7700k. They aren't getting astounding frame rates......

OK so some knowledge. Ryzen 7 CPUS should be treated as workstation and professional use CPUS. These are equivalents to Intel's X99 platform of professional and workstation CPUS. Big fact they don't play games any better than Ryzen 7 and they are double the price. If you go and get a Ryzen 7 1800x and a 7700k and ask them to lets say:

  1. Render large videos in 4k 
  2. Compress complex multi audio files 
  3. Video and Photo editing 
  4. 3D Modeling 
  5. File compression 
  6. Running Virtual Machines 

Ryzen 7 or an X99 platform CPU is the way to go and Ryzen 7 is coming out ahead of Intel in this category on launch with these professional grade CPU's. Despite them being new and still working out compatibility issues. One of the biggest speculations out there and this was addressed by GamersNexus (after they received death threats....Really People?) was the fluctuations in the data being reported by various reviewers. The main problem as with all new PC tech THE MOTHERBOARDS. The often overlooked central nervous system of your entire PC. Ryzen is brand new, AMD has made a enormous leap and completely overhauled their entire architecture. The Bios's aren't perfect, new tech hardly ever meets its full potential right out the gate.

So give it time

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