Learning some new video editing techniques

Hey Everyone,

So since I created my blog and Youtube channel I have played with many different video editing software and I finally found one I like. As a requirement since I don't make any money from Youtube and this blog I decided to limit my testing to only Free software. After blowing though Windows Movie Maker, Filmora, and Hitfilm Express. I tried Davinci Resolve 12.5. This software has amazing color correction, video editing tools, Audio editing, multi track caching for all kinds of media. I watched a few quick tutorials and I was able to add my title page, images, several audio files and render the whole thing in 1080p @ 30fps in h.264 for Youtube.

If you are new to video editing I really recommend giving this software a try. IF you have any questions about it please let me know I would be happy to help if I can. In the mean time please enjoy some GTA V Online Gameplay.

**Rendering on an i3 is a slow process, this video took 18 minutes to render**


Thanks for Reading

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