Plex Server Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to talk about my home server update. I have my main computer highlighted in my build earlier in the blog that I use for content creation, gaming, etc. But I also have a home server that I use primarily for file storage and my plex home media server. And I decided it was time for an upgrade. Since my demands on the server aren't extreme I have been getting by with an E2180 dual core 2.00 ghz processor and the stock heatsink. Recently I have added a bunch of 1080p movies and I got a new 4k TV so I am going to be adding some 4k  movies to my library, it was time to get something that can transcode better.

Since this is a side PC I didn't want to replace everything so I kept the old LGA 775 motherboard and the reused the Acer Aspire media case it is in.

Since we are talking old school 775 socket I went to ebay to shop for my upgrades and I was really surprised at the availability of components.

The new CPU cooler is a no brand which you know buy at your own risk. But this thing was very easy to install, 4 copper heat pipes, and an aluminum radiator only 90mm tall. Its pretty quiet too, and for server applications it works just fine and it only cost me $14 shipped.

For the CPU I really wanted to get a quad core to handle larger threaded videos and snappier desktop performance when I remote in to make adjustments etc. I managed to find this Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 Ghz for only $16. For $16 it comes with 4 cores and 4 threads, and a passmark score of over 3000 and a windows experience rating of 7.0. Not bad at all for the price.

Above is a glimpse of the stock box and mess of wires. Since there is not a ton of space and no window didn't really bother with cable management the first time around. I did a much better job after the rebuild in the picture below.
Thermals have improved and I am enjoying a much faster streaming experience.

Thanks for reading and if you have any Plex questions please let me know. I have built both Ubuntu (Linux) and windows versions.

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