For Honor Open Beta Gameplay

Hey Everyone,

I recorded some footage of the open beta playing the Kensei on the samurai team. I played a ton more matches but this was one of the first. I have to say the game is fun but the initial learning curve is a little steep. There were thing I liked and disliked about using the mouse so I ended up playing with an xbox 360 controller most of the time.

The combat was fun to jump into and for the most part only had 1 or 2 toxic people I ended up playing with the whole day. But with online video games thats pretty much unavoidable with a game that drew in this much hype.

The fighting was fluid and it really kept you on edge. Plus you really had to adapt and figure out where your weapon and fighting style gave you an advantage and where it hurt you. For example the Norobushi (I am positive I spelled that wrong) has a long spear and fast attacks. At the same time she has very low health and armor. If you let people get too close to you they will easily overpower your wide swings and low defense. If you kept them at spear length you could get in some fast hits, inflict bleed damage and walk away from most of your encounters.

Definitely in my consideration pile.

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