Bogging my system down

Hey Everyone,

A post that will lead into a server build. Below I am going to post a video of me playing Titanfall 2 (once again amazing game) while stuttering like crazy. I have played plenty of matches and had no trouble at all with my new RX 460 4GB. It wasn't until I looked  to see my Plex server was streaming in the background, while I was gaming and recording. To make a long story short its amazing how streaming will tank CPU performance but completely understandable. So I finally decided to build my dedicated Plex server from some LGA 775 parts from Ebay and an old Acer mid tower I had in my tech/cat closet.
I will be posting more gameplay in the future as well as a build guide an intro to Plex Media Server. I have been running a server for quite some time and if anyone is curious or has questions please feel free to ask me I would be happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

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