Plex Server Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to talk about my home server update. I have my main computer highlighted in my build earlier in the blog that I use for content creation, gaming, etc. But I also have a home server that I use primarily for file storage and my plex home media server. And I decided it was time for an upgrade. Since my demands on the server aren't extreme I have been getting by with an E2180 dual core 2.00 ghz processor and the stock heatsink. Recently I have added a bunch of 1080p movies and I got a new 4k TV so I am going to be adding some 4k  movies to my library, it was time to get something that can transcode better.

Since this is a side PC I didn't want to replace everything so I kept the old LGA 775 motherboard and the reused the Acer Aspire media case it is in.

Since we are talking old school 775 socket I went to ebay to shop for my upgrades and I was really surprised at the availability of components.

The new CPU cooler is a no brand which you know buy at your own risk. But this thing was very easy to install, 4 copper heat pipes, and an aluminum radiator only 90mm tall. Its pretty quiet too, and for server applications it works just fine and it only cost me $14 shipped.

For the CPU I really wanted to get a quad core to handle larger threaded videos and snappier desktop performance when I remote in to make adjustments etc. I managed to find this Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 Ghz for only $16. For $16 it comes with 4 cores and 4 threads, and a passmark score of over 3000 and a windows experience rating of 7.0. Not bad at all for the price.

Above is a glimpse of the stock box and mess of wires. Since there is not a ton of space and no window didn't really bother with cable management the first time around. I did a much better job after the rebuild in the picture below.
Thermals have improved and I am enjoying a much faster streaming experience.

Thanks for reading and if you have any Plex questions please let me know. I have built both Ubuntu (Linux) and windows versions.

For Honor Open Beta Gameplay

Hey Everyone,

I recorded some footage of the open beta playing the Kensei on the samurai team. I played a ton more matches but this was one of the first. I have to say the game is fun but the initial learning curve is a little steep. There were thing I liked and disliked about using the mouse so I ended up playing with an xbox 360 controller most of the time.

The combat was fun to jump into and for the most part only had 1 or 2 toxic people I ended up playing with the whole day. But with online video games thats pretty much unavoidable with a game that drew in this much hype.

The fighting was fluid and it really kept you on edge. Plus you really had to adapt and figure out where your weapon and fighting style gave you an advantage and where it hurt you. For example the Norobushi (I am positive I spelled that wrong) has a long spear and fast attacks. At the same time she has very low health and armor. If you let people get too close to you they will easily overpower your wide swings and low defense. If you kept them at spear length you could get in some fast hits, inflict bleed damage and walk away from most of your encounters.

Definitely in my consideration pile.

For Honor - Open Beta Starts today!

Hey Everyone,

For those of you who have been following the hype the For Honor Open Beta started today and anyone can download and try out the game all weekend before the release of the full game on Tuesday the 14th. I personally can't wait to try it out the concept is unique and what really caught my eye is the combat system of tri directional block and counter. Hopefully this will be fun to play with and wont feel like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors every time you duel an enemy but time will tell. I will try and record some game play later tonight with more thoughts. In the mean time enjoy this trailer.

Thanks for reading!

Bogging my system down

Hey Everyone,

A post that will lead into a server build. Below I am going to post a video of me playing Titanfall 2 (once again amazing game) while stuttering like crazy. I have played plenty of matches and had no trouble at all with my new RX 460 4GB. It wasn't until I looked  to see my Plex server was streaming in the background, while I was gaming and recording. To make a long story short its amazing how streaming will tank CPU performance but completely understandable. So I finally decided to build my dedicated Plex server from some LGA 775 parts from Ebay and an old Acer mid tower I had in my tech/cat closet.
I will be posting more gameplay in the future as well as a build guide an intro to Plex Media Server. I have been running a server for quite some time and if anyone is curious or has questions please feel free to ask me I would be happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

New RX 460

SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 460 DirectX 12 100409NT-4GOCL 4GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
Hey Everyone!

So yesterday I finally made the leap from a GTX 750 Ti to a Sapphire RX 460 4GB OC model. This card was a steal at $119.00 with a $10 mail in rebate for a 4GB graphics card. Plus AMD is really trying and pushing more and more optimized drivers for these cards all the time and they've already had a 5% performance increase since release with the new ReLive drivers. So I decided to give team Red a try. I just bought Titanfall 2 as well which is very fun and I absolutely recommend it for people who like FPS (First Person Shooters). I will be testing Direct X12 optimization and Vulkan API's when possible so please stay tuned for upcoming videos and an unboxing.

Please follow to stay up to date on my latest posts.

Thanks for reading

The Defiance Giveaway!

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