Still waiting for Ryzen

Hey Everyone,

So just like many of you out there, not just AMD fans. We are all waiting to see if AMD is finally going to make the CPU market competitive again. Many of us saw the impressive benchmarks during the New Horizon event in mid December against the $1000 Intel CPU.

But like many of you what I really wanted to see was some gaming benchmarks, specifically against both the i7-6700k and the i5-6600k. I watch a lot of tech tube reviews as I mentioned in my intro post since I am not sponsored I don't get the opportunity to review engineering samples and the latest and greatest. (Which hopefully that will change one day) But when I see here's Cinebench and geekbench and fire strike that's great and all you got a 5075. Now I am not saying there is no point to these and it can really highlight performance aspects in regards to each particular test and how the CPU performs in various tasks.

As a PC builder and Gamer though I like to see some performance results and side by side comparisons before I start making my spending decisions. For example based on Newegg pricing at the moment.

I can get an i3-6100 for $119, a roughly $60-70 motherboard that supports the features I want, and some 8gb of DDR4 for about $45-50. Yes, there are much cheaper motherboards but my philosophy on this is how long can you expect something you paid $40 for to work especially with the stress gaming puts on your hardware. I am not including the price of a power supply or a GPU because that's completely up to the individual and what you like to use your PC for. So I can the basics of an Intel Skylake PC for ~$230.

So my hopes for Ryzen is they come out with comparable pricing at equal or greater performance. I say equal to skylake because the early reviews of Kabylake and Intel moving away from the Tick-Tock processor development plan showed very small if any performance increases. But this is to be expected in the new development plan as Kabylake is the Optimization step.

If anyone would like to share their thoughts on Ryzen and Kabylake I would love to hear them in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 

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