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Hey Everyone,

I know you've all seen ads all over the internet CSGO free, assassins creed, etc. Well 99% of the time as you know those aren't true but I wanted to go over a few website that can actually save you money and I have verified these work with my own money.

The first one I want to go over is Instant Gaming. If you watch a lot of bench marking videos you will see affiliate links. Here is mine below:

So what this does is every time you generously buy something for yourself after clicking on my link it gives me 3% in my account that I can apply towards games for this blog. (and greatly appreciated) 

But aside from that you can honestly find games between 30-60% off all the time. At the time of writing this you can see Titanfall 2 (which I am hoping to pick up soon for myself) is over 60% off! 

And the codes actually work, which is my point in talking about this. I bought a copy of the Sims 3 Hidden Springs another Origin title and Warhammer: Total War for Steam and received both my codes within minutes. 

Second on my list is Humble Bundle, usually more expensive than instant gaming but occasionally you will get a free game. In November they gave away a copy of Dirt 3 and in December GRID. Of course not AAA titles but if you are into racing fun pick ups for free. They also have a great charity function where you donate and receive games based on what charity promotions they have going on. Other than that you browse and from time to time you find a deal. 

Third is what I call sketchy territory. 
So its based somewhere in China and they sell Grey Market Keys. Which for the most part they do work and I bought a copy of CSGO that works great for $8. BUT......there was an issue with some uplay codes that were purchased with Stolen credit cards and sold to a bunch of players unknowingly and Uplay shut all the codes off and eventually turned  them back on because it was completely unknown to the people buying the codes off the market place. But I say this is at your own risk territory. Another thing that kind of bothers me is G2A shield. They ask you to pay $3 to make sure the code you just spent money on actually works.????? Kind of strange. 

But hey everyone thanks for reading. If you enjoy the content please follow and share I am still trying really hard to get this blog off the ground. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see talked about please let me know. 

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