Finally Upgrading my home PC

Hey Everyone,

Short post today, full reviews with photos to follow soon. I have been running an i5-2400 on the old LGA 1155 socket and do not get me wrong this is still a good processor to this day. BUT I really wanted to get a motherboard that can support 4 DIMMS, USB 3.0 support, allowing my RAM to run above 1333 mhz, and access to slightly more modern processors with better single core performance.

So I lucked out on craigslist and found an i3-4150 and was having a sale on an MSI B85 motherboard so I went for it. I have put it together and honestly you wouldn't expect much improvement coming from an i5 to an i3 even with newer architecture. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

My example:

-Not very graphic intensive
-But very CPU intensive

with my i5-2400 I would get frame rates between 83 and 112 FPS while playing online.

with my new i3-4150 I received frame rates between 90 and 140 FPS while playing online.

Maybe there is some merit to PCI Gen 3 and faster RAM speeds.

Thanks for Reading! More benchmarks and build info to come soon.

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