Cryorig C7 low profile cooler Review

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I want to start this post off saying Happy New Years! Hope everyone had a good one.

Today I wanted to talk about the Cryorig C7 low profile CPU cooler. I recently bought this a few weeks ago as a replacement for my Intel stock cooler. I chose to go with a low profile cooler because I am using a Corsair Air 240 as a case and it has height issues with coolers over 120mm. Which is why you typically see these with AIO (All In One for those new to cpu coolers) liquid coolers. A link to the item on Amazon will be included at the end of the post. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how efficient and quiet this little cooler is.
The packaging was very well done and very compact for as much as they managed to fit into this box. It comes with thermal paste which so far haven't had any problems with. A hex driver to tighten the bolts on the included retainer plate. Necessary mounting hardware for a variety of motherboards and of course an instruction manual. 
Installing this item was a breeze if you are pretty comfortable working in your tower. Or in my case I had to remove the motherboard as the 3.5mm cage blocks the back of my motherboard but even so I was able to pull my board out and swap the coolers in less than 30 minutes.

My previous idle temps on my i5-2400 were around 45 C and with this upgraded cooler I saw a drop to 39-40 C depending on ambient temperatures. The biggest change was when under load, with my stock Intel cooler I was easily hitting 75-76 C. With my new cooler I play for hours and have yet to break 61 C. Another great highlight to this cooler are the grooves cut into the side of the fan housing that promote more air flow and quieter operation. Even under heavy gaming load you hardly hear more than a slight humming sound. I was very impressed with Cryorig fitting 4 heat pipes into this as well as a nice aluminum heat sink that does not interfere with RAM.

As you can see in my pictures above of my personal build No RAM or GPU clearance issues. I am using G.Skill RAM with pretty decent heat spreaders and I have no issues. Over all I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a M-ATX or ITX builds or anyone who has CPU Cooler clearance issues WHO DO NOT OVERCLOCK. This is also a good for an aesthetic build for those people looking for white and black components that many companies do not provide for CPU coolers. This cooler provides exceptional performance for something only 47mm tall and I am very happy with my purchase. At the time of purchase in early December I was able to pick this up for only $25.99.

 I would not recommend this to overlockers because of the excess temperatures overclocked CPU's can generate. Another thing I would have liked to see is copper heat pipes as they tend to conduct heat a little better than aluminum which would have made for slightly higher cooling efficiency. These are coated copper heat pipes to provide a better look to the cooler.

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