Bench marking: TitanFall

Hey Everyone,

Another post and another video. So a nice thing about EA's Origin service is they let you play a trial of certain games to see if you are interested in purchasing or not. So recently I took a 48 hour trial of Titanfall because I'm thinking of buying Titanfall 2 somewhere in the next few weeks.

This was my first attempt at using Shadow Play to record gameplay and I have to say its not bad with recent updates. BUT for whatever reason it will not carry over the FPS counter in the corner which for me was very counter productive but for the average user I don't think thats an issue at all.

Sorry if the length of the video is a little past the 10 minute mark, but what I am really trying to accomplish with my Youtube channel and blog is to give real world results. You see some benchmarking videos and there are nothing but graphs. That's great and all but sometimes I am ok with 40 FPS as long as I can play smoothly with no stutter. Also some of us just play on high settings or medium and are perfectly content. Not everyone is testing out CPU's with an GTX 1080 and likewise if I have an i7-7700k why am I going to be benchmarking a GTX 1050 that kind of system doesn't make much sense. I would say this channel is for the budget conscious tech enthusiast who loves to game. 

I will be posting many many more videos showing gameplay with my i3-4150 and as I collect money I will be making upgrades to my system and discussing why. If there are any games you would like to see tested please let me know and id be happy to accommodate if I can. 

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See you in the next one!   

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