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Free Satoshi from your cell phone

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As we all know we are currently in the great graphics card shortage 2017 due to crypto currency mining. So I decided to take this opportunity to learn more about mining devices, currencies, etc. I have also been doing a bit of bitcoin mining myself with my server and gaming PC. Mind you these are single GPU machines with low powered cards so making ~$1 a day is the best I can hope for at the moment.

But the point of this article is not hardware mining but getting paid satoshi for watch quick 5 second ads a couple times a day on your smart phone. But what is satoshi you ask?

"The satoshi is currently the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency recorded on the block chain. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC). The unit has been named in collective homage to the original creator of Bitcoin, SatoshiNakamoto."

So you are not going to get rich doing this by any means but if you are trying to accumulate some bit coins with relatively small transfer fees without much effort this is a great app to try. All you have to do is click and a random number will get generated claim your amount and it gets added to your account. There is a second app you can download called wheel of satoshi that connects with the first account and helps you accumulate satoshi a bit faster. 

I have put a link to the google play store below in case you would like to give it a try. 

Plus if you would like to help out my blog and get some BONUS sign up satoshi please use my referral code: VFYX9 

Free Android App for Bitcoin

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Hyper 212 Evo Review

Hey Everyone!

So I know this cooler has been out for awhile and there is even an updated version. But I was looking for a bargain and wanted to see if this cooler lived up to the hype of the last few years. So first off the system this was installed into.

Case: Fractal Design Mini C with window side panel
PSU: EVGA 450 B Bronze rated
CPU: i5-4670k overclocked to 4.0ghz
GPU: RX 460 Sapphire Nitro 4GB
16GB of RAM with heat spreaders (2x team vulcan, 2x G.Skill)
Motherboard: MSI-B85-E45
Case fans: 1 intake, 1 exhaust,

I have to give it to Cooler Master they make sure you know what you are getting before you even open the box. The picture is accurate for assembly and color of what you can expect. It came with thermal paste and all the necessary hardware to attach it to a variety of sockets. I did not see anything for AM4 support included but I am sure you can ask customer service and they can provide another bracket.

Installation was kind of tricky in my Mini C because there is no perfect site line when lining up the pin in the bracket to the center of the base while trying to attach it to the motherboard. But once you get that screwed in. Installation of the fan was a breeze but word of warning here if you have a M-ATX motherboard make sure you have a low profile stick in the slot closest to the CPU socket. I would of had to switch this into a PULL configuration if I had anything other than low profile Team Vulcan DDR3 in slot 1 on my board. 

As far as performance this cpu cooler really lives up to the hype. I payed $24 for this brand new from Newegg and it is able to cool my i5-4670k overclocked to 4.0 ghz all day gaming, rendering etc with no temp issues. I don't believe I have seen my temps over 60°C while gaming for hours on end and thats saying a lot for an air cooler because it is commonly over 100°F where I live for months at a time and my PC is near a window. This is with the included thermal paste as well and only 2 case fans 1 intake and 1 exhaust. 

If you are trying to cool your overclocked chips on a budget and you have a case that can accommodate a giant tower cooler its worth the money. If you are looking for something a little nicer looking (THIS IS PERSONAL OPINION) I would look at the Thermaltake RIING tower cooler for an extra $10-$15. 

Thanks for reading 

Update on the side project *No Name CPU Cooler*

Good Morning Everyone,

So first off sorry for the long intervals in between updates lately I have been going back and forth between this blog and my youtube channel and having tons of trouble with adsense. So without further delay what happened with the No name no brand cooler. 

Well my initial look at the cooler was it works decently well no better than a stock cooler though despite the tower design. Its nice that it is only 90mm tall so it fit into my Corsair Air 240 which houses my Plex media server and HTPC. My main complaint is it feels cheap and its kind of fragile. 
Well here is the where


Comes into the game. It was working ok for a few weeks and it would probably still be ok if I hadn't messed with it. But let me go into further detail for people just reading this post in case you haven't read my upcoming projects post from back in March. 

We all know eBay and the chance to get a sweet deal, and to be honest who wouldn't want to save a little money when you have the PCMR addiction and buy PC parts quite often. Well the no name no brand CPU cooler caught my attention and for $14.99 shipped I couldn't help but try it. It arrived 3 weeks later in a black plastic bag with some bubble wrap on it. No instructions and a white tube of "Thermal paste". 

Ok so back to the results. 

First installation went pretty easily I decided to try and use the included paste to give it a chance. The temps were okay about on par with a stock cooler. Well "mystery thermal paste" lasted maybe 2 weeks before I was watching a movie and running my CPU around 62 °C. So obvious solution change out the thermal compound. Well this cooler mounts with little plastic push pins through the motherboard and they were kind of made to only be installed once. Even through careful removal one of them cracked at the bottom. It gets better! After swapping out the thermal paste and figuring out a way to re secure the cracked push pin. I went to reinstall the fan that clips on the front of the fin stack as most tower coolers do. Well one side no problem, stretched the staple thin clip on the other side and it snapped making mounting the fan straight more time consuming than the cooler is worth. So honestly for an extra $5 a Cryorig M9i would be a much better option for CPU coolers on the cheap. But since this case is so shallow I'll stick with the low profile coolers and pay a little more for quality. 

Dawn of War III Open Beta Weekend

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the late post on this, but for those of you who are fans of the series. April 21 to April 24 is the Dawn of War III open beta on Steam. I jumped in on Saturday morning to to see what Relic had in store for us this time.

The opening cinematic was great and gave a pretty accurate picture of how quickly 3 vs 3 matches can get. Ultimately the mechanics are still the same. Its real time strategy game following the same factions from the previous game Orcs, Eldar, and Space Marines. The graphics settings are pretty in depth so you can get it working on lesser hardware. The match making was a little slow but this is to be expected in a beta and I really hope they add a human vs AI mode for practice in the full game.

Trying out a mechanical keyboard

Hey Everyone,

So I have been seeing tons of people talking about and using mechanical keyboards and it seems like they are only getting more and more popular. But since I always like to test things out for myself without spending a ton of money I decided to pick one up for myself. I found a Blue Finger (Never heard of this brand by the way) 87 key mechanical keyboard with Blue switch equivalents for $34.99 on Amazon. I will put a link at the end of the post.

First impressions:

So it comes in a black box with a bunch of Chinese writing on it with an outline of a keyboard. Upon opening the box you will find a large mouse pad with the Blue Finger logo on it. The material doesn't feel too bad and it is always nice to get something for free. Going further into the box you will find the keyboard itself and a wrist rest. Being an 87 key it does not have a num pad therefore it has a very small foot print on your desk which is great if you have very limited desk space like I do. Now although not removable it does have a braided cable which was a nice touch, it would have been slightly nicer if they had gone with a black instead of gray but it is still pretty subtle.

Don't let the picture on Amazon fool you. This is not an RGB keyboard, the colors are pre defined and you cannot change them but you do have several modes you can choose from. I did a quick recording so you can see Blue switches are quite a bit louder than I expected but honestly the typing and gaming experience is great. I am actually typing this article right now and the change in pressure to make the keys work is very noticeable and keeps hand fatigue down quite a bit. Games are very responsive I have been playing a ton of Titanfall 2 with this keyboard and it has improved my movement ability quite a bit and those last second key presses come a little quicker than on a membrane keyboard.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone looking to jump into the mechanical keyboard world on the cheap, BUT if you can try out several different switches first I recommend that. The blue switches have a really nice feel and I like the tactile response but they are just too noisy for typing. So most likely I will be returning this and trying out a couple different switches for a combination between noise and tactile response/ actuation distance. There are much quieter switches like MX Browns, Greens, Blacks, Clear, and Reds. So give them all a go before you make a decision.

Thank you all for reading and please follow if you like the content.

Blue Finer 87 mechanical keyboard

Upcoming reviews and Builds!

Hey Everyone,

My favorite part of working on this blog and my Youtube channel is the fact that I have an outlet to discuss PC parts, build choices, etc and to give people advice if they need it. I really hope this channel takes off soon and we get a community of readers and active participants who want to learn and help me learn at the same time. Thats really been my experience in the PC Gaming/PC Building community so far and I really hope that continues.

The Home server Plan:
As you guys know from Previous posts I am a huge fan of PLEX media server. So far I have a really basic server but it works perfectly fine for my needs and I plan to continue to evolve and upgrade this as needed. I use this PC primarily for streaming and storing my media files as thats the point of a server and my wife likes to play older games on it like Fallout New Vegas. I currently have all my content creation and video recordings on my main PC. Part of the life of a server is being on 24/7 so I have to trust my parts to remain cool and my hardware to hold up.
As you saw in my post about the plex server update, this PC is currently in an old Acer M16 case which has horrible cooling. There is no intake whatsoever and only 1x 8-mm exhaust fan but its what I had on hand and I made due.

For this PC's upgrade I will be dropping in a new motherboard, adding more RAM, and giving it my desktop PC's case for better cooling.

The desk machine:
For my desktop and do everything PC. I recently bought a Fractal Define Mini C and a EVGA 450B power supply for SILENCE and a more reliable power supply as my old school 300w OEM was starting to act up with my RX 460 over clocked.

Side Project:
Bonus post to come in I bought a CPU cooler from China. No name, No brand, and I have been putting it through the paces. I will be posting the results from a bad case and from a good case, plus how its doing in basic games as this is on my home server, not my gaming pc.

Ryzen 5 Release Leaked !

Looks like someone leaked the Ryzen 5 release date. I have been excited and waiting for Ryzen for a long  time but the 5 series has been what I am the most excited about. 4 cores and 8 threads for under $200! Time will tell but I am really considering a Ryzen 5 build sometime in the later half of the year.

Learning some new video editing techniques

Hey Everyone,

So since I created my blog and Youtube channel I have played with many different video editing software and I finally found one I like. As a requirement since I don't make any money from Youtube and this blog I decided to limit my testing to only Free software. After blowing though Windows Movie Maker, Filmora, and Hitfilm Express. I tried Davinci Resolve 12.5. This software has amazing color correction, video editing tools, Audio editing, multi track caching for all kinds of media. I watched a few quick tutorials and I was able to add my title page, images, several audio files and render the whole thing in 1080p @ 30fps in h.264 for Youtube.

If you are new to video editing I really recommend giving this software a try. IF you have any questions about it please let me know I would be happy to help if I can. In the mean time please enjoy some GTA V Online Gameplay.

**Rendering on an i3 is a slow process, this video took 18 minutes to render**

Thanks for Reading

Ryzen gaming Controversy..Are they really bad for gaming

Hey Everyone,

**I just want to notate that I am not a reviewer or on any companies radar and did not receive any Ryzen products to actually test myself.**

My opinions are based on my own knowledge and research from around the internet.

So to start off, I hate how this launch is being received, it is absolute garbage. Everyone is coming off saying the Ryzen chips can't compete with a 7700k, they don't have the same IPC as the 7700k. They aren't getting astounding frame rates......

OK so some knowledge. Ryzen 7 CPUS should be treated as workstation and professional use CPUS. These are equivalents to Intel's X99 platform of professional and workstation CPUS. Big fact they don't play games any better than Ryzen 7 and they are double the price. If you go and get a Ryzen 7 1800x and a 7700k and ask them to lets say:

  1. Render large videos in 4k 
  2. Compress complex multi audio files 
  3. Video and Photo editing 
  4. 3D Modeling 
  5. File compression 
  6. Running Virtual Machines 

Ryzen 7 or an X99 platform CPU is the way to go and Ryzen 7 is coming out ahead of Intel in this category on launch with these professional grade CPU's. Despite them being new and still working out compatibility issues. One of the biggest speculations out there and this was addressed by GamersNexus (after they received death threats....Really People?) was the fluctuations in the data being reported by various reviewers. The main problem as with all new PC tech THE MOTHERBOARDS. The often overlooked central nervous system of your entire PC. Ryzen is brand new, AMD has made a enormous leap and completely overhauled their entire architecture. The Bios's aren't perfect, new tech hardly ever meets its full potential right out the gate.

So give it time

Thanks for Reading, 

Ryzen Price Table

Hey Everyone,
Been awhile since I've posted anything. But today I wanted to go over the leaked Ryzen Processor price list that has been floating around the internet.

Officially the only confirmed prices are the Ryzen 7 CPU's since they are officially available tomorrow! Based on the initial benchmarks I am very excited to see how the rest of AMD's line up performs. The 1800x is on par with the intel 6800k a $1000.00 CPU. I am hoping real world performance is also comparable in all categories which may cause the first Intel price drop that I can remember. I think it also might bring some competition back into the CPU market. For a long time going on 5 years now Intel has been ahead in IPC and single core performance which equals out to superior gaming and rendering performance. But with these new Ryzen chips competing with and beating some current gen Intel hardware it may be time for Intel to get serious again.

Because of the lack of competition the increase in performance from Haswell to Skylake to Kabylake have been very minimal. Especially since Haswell is still such a strong performer a lot of people (myself included) haven't budged off our gen 4 CPU's and for good reason.

So my hopes for this year
1. We see Intel prices on Haswell, Skylake, and Kabylake decrease to be more competitive with Ryzen counter parts.
2. We see AMD take a larger portion of the market share to help them to continue making innovations like this.
3. That Intel delivers some serious performance increases over Kabylake now that there is some competition in the CPU marketplace.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading

Plex Server Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to talk about my home server update. I have my main computer highlighted in my build earlier in the blog that I use for content creation, gaming, etc. But I also have a home server that I use primarily for file storage and my plex home media server. And I decided it was time for an upgrade. Since my demands on the server aren't extreme I have been getting by with an E2180 dual core 2.00 ghz processor and the stock heatsink. Recently I have added a bunch of 1080p movies and I got a new 4k TV so I am going to be adding some 4k  movies to my library, it was time to get something that can transcode better.

Since this is a side PC I didn't want to replace everything so I kept the old LGA 775 motherboard and the reused the Acer Aspire media case it is in.

Since we are talking old school 775 socket I went to ebay to shop for my upgrades and I was really surprised at the availability of components.

The new CPU cooler is a no brand which you know buy at your own risk. But this thing was very easy to install, 4 copper heat pipes, and an aluminum radiator only 90mm tall. Its pretty quiet too, and for server applications it works just fine and it only cost me $14 shipped.

For the CPU I really wanted to get a quad core to handle larger threaded videos and snappier desktop performance when I remote in to make adjustments etc. I managed to find this Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66 Ghz for only $16. For $16 it comes with 4 cores and 4 threads, and a passmark score of over 3000 and a windows experience rating of 7.0. Not bad at all for the price.

Above is a glimpse of the stock box and mess of wires. Since there is not a ton of space and no window didn't really bother with cable management the first time around. I did a much better job after the rebuild in the picture below.
Thermals have improved and I am enjoying a much faster streaming experience.

Thanks for reading and if you have any Plex questions please let me know. I have built both Ubuntu (Linux) and windows versions.

For Honor Open Beta Gameplay

Hey Everyone,

I recorded some footage of the open beta playing the Kensei on the samurai team. I played a ton more matches but this was one of the first. I have to say the game is fun but the initial learning curve is a little steep. There were thing I liked and disliked about using the mouse so I ended up playing with an xbox 360 controller most of the time.

The combat was fun to jump into and for the most part only had 1 or 2 toxic people I ended up playing with the whole day. But with online video games thats pretty much unavoidable with a game that drew in this much hype.

The fighting was fluid and it really kept you on edge. Plus you really had to adapt and figure out where your weapon and fighting style gave you an advantage and where it hurt you. For example the Norobushi (I am positive I spelled that wrong) has a long spear and fast attacks. At the same time she has very low health and armor. If you let people get too close to you they will easily overpower your wide swings and low defense. If you kept them at spear length you could get in some fast hits, inflict bleed damage and walk away from most of your encounters.

Definitely in my consideration pile.

For Honor - Open Beta Starts today!

Hey Everyone,

For those of you who have been following the hype the For Honor Open Beta started today and anyone can download and try out the game all weekend before the release of the full game on Tuesday the 14th. I personally can't wait to try it out the concept is unique and what really caught my eye is the combat system of tri directional block and counter. Hopefully this will be fun to play with and wont feel like a giant game of rock, paper, scissors every time you duel an enemy but time will tell. I will try and record some game play later tonight with more thoughts. In the mean time enjoy this trailer.

Thanks for reading!

Bogging my system down

Hey Everyone,

A post that will lead into a server build. Below I am going to post a video of me playing Titanfall 2 (once again amazing game) while stuttering like crazy. I have played plenty of matches and had no trouble at all with my new RX 460 4GB. It wasn't until I looked  to see my Plex server was streaming in the background, while I was gaming and recording. To make a long story short its amazing how streaming will tank CPU performance but completely understandable. So I finally decided to build my dedicated Plex server from some LGA 775 parts from Ebay and an old Acer mid tower I had in my tech/cat closet.
I will be posting more gameplay in the future as well as a build guide an intro to Plex Media Server. I have been running a server for quite some time and if anyone is curious or has questions please feel free to ask me I would be happy to help.

Thanks for reading!

New RX 460

SAPPHIRE NITRO Radeon RX 460 DirectX 12 100409NT-4GOCL 4GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card
Hey Everyone!

So yesterday I finally made the leap from a GTX 750 Ti to a Sapphire RX 460 4GB OC model. This card was a steal at $119.00 with a $10 mail in rebate for a 4GB graphics card. Plus AMD is really trying and pushing more and more optimized drivers for these cards all the time and they've already had a 5% performance increase since release with the new ReLive drivers. So I decided to give team Red a try. I just bought Titanfall 2 as well which is very fun and I absolutely recommend it for people who like FPS (First Person Shooters). I will be testing Direct X12 optimization and Vulkan API's when possible so please stay tuned for upcoming videos and an unboxing.

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Thanks for reading

The Haswell Build...Finally

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for putting the cart before the horse..or in this case the benchmarks before the build. But I have been pretty busy lately and haven't had time to sit down and work on my build guide but here it is.

For this I went with the MSI B85M-E45. This is fit all my needs for less than $60. It comes with plenty of SATA connectors for hard drive, has extra USB 2.0 headers for AIO coolers, USB 3.0 connector if your case has front USB 3.0 ports, and a PCIe x16 3.0 lane for modern GPU's, and 4 DIMM slots for DDR3-1600 RAM up to 32GB. If SLI or Crossfire is something you are interested in this board will not support either option.

My CPU of choice for my budget upgrade was an i3-4150 Haswell Dual core with hyper-threading. People tend to bash i3's for their gaming potential and no one is going to argue that 2 cores and 2 logical compare to 4 real cores. BUT that doesn't mean you cannot get good gaming performance from them and I intend to show this in my recorded videos. Plus with the advances of hyper-threading technology CPU bottleneck isn't as much an issue as it use to be, especially with appropriate settings.

I carried this over from my previous build because they are very reliable and have high compatibility. If you are new to PC building and are unsure of all the manufacturers you honestly cannot go wrong with G.Skill. (No this is not a sponsored ad, this is my personal opinion and should be taken as such)
For now I am using 2x 4GB sticks of 1600mhz memory, I plan on upgrading that to 16GB before the end of the year. I know 8GB is still the sweet spot for RAM and video games but you can see recent titles like GTA V and Arkham Knight both accumulate RAM usage as you travel around the map. 

CPU Cooler: 
I am also reusing my Cryorig C7 low profile cooler. I chose this and continue to use this because it preforms well for a low profile cooler. Its not the quietest low profile available but this is a nice mix between noise level and performance. I can tell you from experience I hardly hear this little cooler even when doing an extended gaming session. 

I have done a few builds in this case. It is unique, has decent cable management and drive space, and plenty of airflow. Plus it saves quite a bit of space on my desk. The main chamber can support 1x 240mm radiator if you use a mATX motherboard and 2x 240mm radiators if you use a mITX motherboard. You can use full size ATX power supplies with room for cables even if it is non-modular or semi modular. The second chamber also houses 2 drive cages each hold 3x 3.5mm and 2.5mm drives respectively. I can do a much more in depth review if anyone would like to hear more about the Corsair Air 240. 

Graphics Card: 
I'm currently using a GTX 750 Ti the previous budget 1080 king and its still running just fine in all the games I use it for. The 2GB Vram hasn't given me any issues even in GTA V. The card idles around 25C in my case and barely reaches 60C even under heavy load. 

Thanks everyone for reading. Now you can get an idea of my current hardware. As always if you like the blog please follow and if you enjoy the youtube videos please like or subscribe to the channel. 

Bench marking: TitanFall

Hey Everyone,

Another post and another video. So a nice thing about EA's Origin service is they let you play a trial of certain games to see if you are interested in purchasing or not. So recently I took a 48 hour trial of Titanfall because I'm thinking of buying Titanfall 2 somewhere in the next few weeks.

This was my first attempt at using Shadow Play to record gameplay and I have to say its not bad with recent updates. BUT for whatever reason it will not carry over the FPS counter in the corner which for me was very counter productive but for the average user I don't think thats an issue at all.

Sorry if the length of the video is a little past the 10 minute mark, but what I am really trying to accomplish with my Youtube channel and blog is to give real world results. You see some benchmarking videos and there are nothing but graphs. That's great and all but sometimes I am ok with 40 FPS as long as I can play smoothly with no stutter. Also some of us just play on high settings or medium and are perfectly content. Not everyone is testing out CPU's with an GTX 1080 and likewise if I have an i7-7700k why am I going to be benchmarking a GTX 1050 that kind of system doesn't make much sense. I would say this channel is for the budget conscious tech enthusiast who loves to game. 

I will be posting many many more videos showing gameplay with my i3-4150 and as I collect money I will be making upgrades to my system and discussing why. If there are any games you would like to see tested please let me know and id be happy to accommodate if I can. 

Thank for Reading and Watching. Please subscribe/follow if you like the content. 

See you in the next one!   

Quick FPS Test on GTA V

Hey Everyone,

A post on my new set up will be coming soon. But I was really excited to start playing some games on it, so i recorded a quick video of me playing GTA V with my new hardware. This video really gave me the results I was hoping to see. Too commonly people tell you, i5 minimum for gaming, i3's wont hold up. but that's just not true. If you are willing to play some games on medium or high an i3 is plenty in a lot of circumstances. I was able to average 60 FPS in GTA V on high with an i3-4150 and a GTX 750 Ti. My settings are in the beginning of the video.

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Finally Upgrading my home PC

Hey Everyone,

Short post today, full reviews with photos to follow soon. I have been running an i5-2400 on the old LGA 1155 socket and do not get me wrong this is still a good processor to this day. BUT I really wanted to get a motherboard that can support 4 DIMMS, USB 3.0 support, allowing my RAM to run above 1333 mhz, and access to slightly more modern processors with better single core performance.

So I lucked out on craigslist and found an i3-4150 and was having a sale on an MSI B85 motherboard so I went for it. I have put it together and honestly you wouldn't expect much improvement coming from an i5 to an i3 even with newer architecture. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.

My example:

-Not very graphic intensive
-But very CPU intensive

with my i5-2400 I would get frame rates between 83 and 112 FPS while playing online.

with my new i3-4150 I received frame rates between 90 and 140 FPS while playing online.

Maybe there is some merit to PCI Gen 3 and faster RAM speeds.

Thanks for Reading! More benchmarks and build info to come soon.

Save money on the latest games

Hey Everyone,

I know you've all seen ads all over the internet CSGO free, assassins creed, etc. Well 99% of the time as you know those aren't true but I wanted to go over a few website that can actually save you money and I have verified these work with my own money.

The first one I want to go over is Instant Gaming. If you watch a lot of bench marking videos you will see affiliate links. Here is mine below:

So what this does is every time you generously buy something for yourself after clicking on my link it gives me 3% in my account that I can apply towards games for this blog. (and greatly appreciated) 

But aside from that you can honestly find games between 30-60% off all the time. At the time of writing this you can see Titanfall 2 (which I am hoping to pick up soon for myself) is over 60% off! 

And the codes actually work, which is my point in talking about this. I bought a copy of the Sims 3 Hidden Springs another Origin title and Warhammer: Total War for Steam and received both my codes within minutes. 

Second on my list is Humble Bundle, usually more expensive than instant gaming but occasionally you will get a free game. In November they gave away a copy of Dirt 3 and in December GRID. Of course not AAA titles but if you are into racing fun pick ups for free. They also have a great charity function where you donate and receive games based on what charity promotions they have going on. Other than that you browse and from time to time you find a deal. 

Third is what I call sketchy territory. 
So its based somewhere in China and they sell Grey Market Keys. Which for the most part they do work and I bought a copy of CSGO that works great for $8. BUT......there was an issue with some uplay codes that were purchased with Stolen credit cards and sold to a bunch of players unknowingly and Uplay shut all the codes off and eventually turned  them back on because it was completely unknown to the people buying the codes off the market place. But I say this is at your own risk territory. Another thing that kind of bothers me is G2A shield. They ask you to pay $3 to make sure the code you just spent money on actually works.????? Kind of strange. 

But hey everyone thanks for reading. If you enjoy the content please follow and share I am still trying really hard to get this blog off the ground. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see talked about please let me know. 

Some CES 2017 Ryzen information

Hey Everyone!

So since I am very new to this and don't have any sponsorship's I have attached a video from someone who does. A long time Tech tuber Linus Tech Tips. I take no credit for this video or its content I am just posting it here in case you aren't subscribed. And if you aren't I really would consider it he has some good reviews.

Hopefully we start hearing about pricing and a release date soon. For myself and hopefully to make this blog interesting I am going to invest in either a Ryzen or a Kabylake build. If you have a preference on what you'd like to see please leave a comment 

Still waiting for Ryzen

Hey Everyone,

So just like many of you out there, not just AMD fans. We are all waiting to see if AMD is finally going to make the CPU market competitive again. Many of us saw the impressive benchmarks during the New Horizon event in mid December against the $1000 Intel CPU.

But like many of you what I really wanted to see was some gaming benchmarks, specifically against both the i7-6700k and the i5-6600k. I watch a lot of tech tube reviews as I mentioned in my intro post since I am not sponsored I don't get the opportunity to review engineering samples and the latest and greatest. (Which hopefully that will change one day) But when I see here's Cinebench and geekbench and fire strike that's great and all you got a 5075. Now I am not saying there is no point to these and it can really highlight performance aspects in regards to each particular test and how the CPU performs in various tasks.

As a PC builder and Gamer though I like to see some performance results and side by side comparisons before I start making my spending decisions. For example based on Newegg pricing at the moment.

I can get an i3-6100 for $119, a roughly $60-70 motherboard that supports the features I want, and some 8gb of DDR4 for about $45-50. Yes, there are much cheaper motherboards but my philosophy on this is how long can you expect something you paid $40 for to work especially with the stress gaming puts on your hardware. I am not including the price of a power supply or a GPU because that's completely up to the individual and what you like to use your PC for. So I can the basics of an Intel Skylake PC for ~$230.

So my hopes for Ryzen is they come out with comparable pricing at equal or greater performance. I say equal to skylake because the early reviews of Kabylake and Intel moving away from the Tick-Tock processor development plan showed very small if any performance increases. But this is to be expected in the new development plan as Kabylake is the Optimization step.

If anyone would like to share their thoughts on Ryzen and Kabylake I would love to hear them in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 

Cryorig C7 low profile cooler Review

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I want to start this post off saying Happy New Years! Hope everyone had a good one.

Today I wanted to talk about the Cryorig C7 low profile CPU cooler. I recently bought this a few weeks ago as a replacement for my Intel stock cooler. I chose to go with a low profile cooler because I am using a Corsair Air 240 as a case and it has height issues with coolers over 120mm. Which is why you typically see these with AIO (All In One for those new to cpu coolers) liquid coolers. A link to the item on Amazon will be included at the end of the post. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how efficient and quiet this little cooler is.
The packaging was very well done and very compact for as much as they managed to fit into this box. It comes with thermal paste which so far haven't had any problems with. A hex driver to tighten the bolts on the included retainer plate. Necessary mounting hardware for a variety of motherboards and of course an instruction manual. 
Installing this item was a breeze if you are pretty comfortable working in your tower. Or in my case I had to remove the motherboard as the 3.5mm cage blocks the back of my motherboard but even so I was able to pull my board out and swap the coolers in less than 30 minutes.

My previous idle temps on my i5-2400 were around 45 C and with this upgraded cooler I saw a drop to 39-40 C depending on ambient temperatures. The biggest change was when under load, with my stock Intel cooler I was easily hitting 75-76 C. With my new cooler I play for hours and have yet to break 61 C. Another great highlight to this cooler are the grooves cut into the side of the fan housing that promote more air flow and quieter operation. Even under heavy gaming load you hardly hear more than a slight humming sound. I was very impressed with Cryorig fitting 4 heat pipes into this as well as a nice aluminum heat sink that does not interfere with RAM.

As you can see in my pictures above of my personal build No RAM or GPU clearance issues. I am using G.Skill RAM with pretty decent heat spreaders and I have no issues. Over all I definitely recommend this product to anyone who has a M-ATX or ITX builds or anyone who has CPU Cooler clearance issues WHO DO NOT OVERCLOCK. This is also a good for an aesthetic build for those people looking for white and black components that many companies do not provide for CPU coolers. This cooler provides exceptional performance for something only 47mm tall and I am very happy with my purchase. At the time of purchase in early December I was able to pick this up for only $25.99.

 I would not recommend this to overlockers because of the excess temperatures overclocked CPU's can generate. Another thing I would have liked to see is copper heat pipes as they tend to conduct heat a little better than aluminum which would have made for slightly higher cooling efficiency. These are coated copper heat pipes to provide a better look to the cooler.

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