Introduction to the Blog

Hello Everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my new tech blog. My goal for the blog is to do some un-boxing and hardware reviews as I purchase new items for my personal system. Hopefully in the future if I get enough people who like my content I can do some reviews of product samples from various companies. I am also very into PC Gaming so maybe some game play reviews and maybe some links to Youtube to see how it runs on the hardware I have available.

Some background on myself, I am very into computers and video games. I have done a few PC builds and always look for a good balance between performance and not emptying my bank account. I am a long time subscriber to a lot of tech tubes. For example Jaayz2cents, Science Studios, Bitwit, etc.
So here is my attempt to get myself out there and hopefully build a successful blog.

Thanks for reading.

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